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It seems an interesting chain of events emerged in the aftermath of Fox News’s biased look at Bulletstorm that was reported in the last post. It seems that the so called “psychiatrist”, one Carole Lieberman, was unable to state any studies that supported her claim, according to Ars Technica. She even outright refused, after countless requests, to respond to the criticism of one of her more rational colleagues.

Lieberman herself claimed that video games like Bulletstorm were responsible for an increase in rape. It’s a difficult claim to make given FBI statistics show that rape (as well as violent crimes generally) have shown a trend downwards. It has become known since that Fox was selective about its sources. It doesn’t surprise me, this twisting of the facts into outright lies is simply an expected behaviour from these people.

The fun side of all this comes when one looks at Carole Lieberman herself. Her books are trashy and she is not what one would picture when a serious news station brings an “expert” in on the case. It has been reported since that her books have been trashed on rating sites and retailer reviews like Amazon the world over.

So, if you want to do your bit, here are the links to her latest work on Amazon in the UK and the US. Happy trashing.


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