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The Expanding Frontier is a place for me to combine two of my hobbies and dabble in the fine art that  is computer game journalism. Rather than just offer up straight opinions and reviews, I have a set of aims in mind that I wish to implement. I will detail these briefly here.

First, I think that gaming journalism lacks human interest stories and I wish to find and report those here. Part of the reasoning behind this is that human interest stories in mainstream media are counter-productive to gaming and a strong response to such stories (the most famous being those that portray a link between gaming and violent tendencies) is always required.

Second, there an age-old trend in video gaming journalism that needs to be removed. Look at Metacritic scores of most games and you’ll see a trend of mediocre games getting low seventies average in Metacritic’s normalised grading and some utterly awful games getting grades in the fifties or even sixties. I think reviews are best summarised with descriptives rather than numbers in a variety of categories. The reason this unfortunate practice exists goes back to earlier days of the industry and it remains to this day (for an example, see  here).

To this end, I want to write reviews that cover several aspects of the game in an informative way that does not present an overall score based upon scores given in several other areas, but gives a brief summary of my (hopefully adequately informed) opinion of the areas of presentation; atmosphere; stability and mechanics of the game; whom I suspect would find the game worthwhile; whom I think should avoid it and what, if anything, I would find a valuable price for it.

Finally, I want to write articles and reviews with those who suffer physical disabilities in mind. A variety of physical disabilities affect the ability of an individual to manipulate the vastly more complex controls of games today than in the late seventies. My problem is that I’ve encountered games that have this sort of problem needlessly, usually because of a lack of reconfigurability of controls. I intend to act as a sort of whistle-blower here.

So that is it really. While this is a freelance project, I intend to keep to a schedule of updates and treat it with a degree of professionalism. Obviously, I lack the resources of a large outlet and so reviews and news may be slower coming than most. This blog will have several article sections: news, reviews, review comparison, opinion pieces and other, miscellaneous pieces.

With all that said, welcome to my site!


Posted 07/02/2011 by expandingfrontier

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